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Pacha Ambassadors

Pacha Ambassadors

Pacha Adventure Ambassadors are some of our rockstar women across the world that believe in our mission - to get more women outdoors and exploring. 
We are so excited to expand the Pacha community and our ambassadors are excited to share their stories & adventures with this community!

Applications accepted on a rolling basis. Email for details.

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Rachel hiles | Oakland, CA

I'm a lifestyle and cookbook editor based in San Francisco. I'm lucky enough to work on beautiful books that celebrate my personal passions: adventure, the outdoors, travel, and female empowerment. I like to say I'm an editor by weekday, explorer by weekend--when 5pm on Friday rolls around I'm almost always headed out on an adventure. I spend most of my free time camping, skiing, snowshoeing, and hot springing in the Sierras and working on my backcountry culinary skills (which almost always involves some combination of cheesy grits, sweet potatoes, and bacon). 

Ellie hallman | burlington, VT 

I am a Vermont native who spent high school in Western Massachusetts, a gap year in Southeast Asia, the first two years of University in the UK, and the last three semesters back in University in Vermont studying environmental studies and sustainable development. I have explored the outdoors in different corners of the world and have loved it all. Running, hiking, skiing, rollerblading and wandering are some of my all time favorite activities. Growing up in Vermont has given me a deep love, awe, and respect for the outdoors, and I feel the most grounded and happy when I am actively exploring the world around me— every day is an adventure and that’s the way I like it! I am humorous and love to make people laugh; a morning person; a golden retriever lover; an obsessive documentary watcher; a self-proclaimed connoisseur of Ben & Jerry’s; an avid traveler; a Darn Tough sock-wearer; and an energetic and high-spirited person who is excited to be part of the Pacha Adventure community! 


Jessie SundaY | San francisco, CA

Adventuring in the outdoors has been a part of my life since before I could walk.  I grew up hiking and camping around Northern California and still to this day believe I live in the most beautiful place in the world to play outdoors.  I wove in the idea of adventure  throughout my career with less than conventional jobs.  I was the Choreographer for Club Med Resorts all over the world.  I led 10+ trips through Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and more with Birthright Israel.  I planned beer festivals and local events all over the country with LivingSocial (when it was still hot!).  I now work with a creative agency executing huge tech events internationally. My adventuring outside the office is what I cherish. I am the happiest when I am breathing in nature and standing on top of a mountain putting everything in perspective.

JEssica liu | new york, NY

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me.

Ok, so that may be a line from my new favorite Disney movie, Moana - but Moana's story feels almost biographical, minus the Hawaiian princess part, which is more aspirational. I feel at home/free/inspired/alive in the water. Thanks to my parents, I was exposed to travel early on and it has become a lifestyle choice. I believe "exploring" is a mindset and I am always looking forward to my next adventure, big or small.  

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margo brookfield | bend, or

I am a Midwest native who has spent the past seven years or so enjoying the beauty and expanse of the West Coast. I developed my deep passion for travel and outdoor exploration while studying abroad in high school with an all-girls program that combines experiential learning with leadership training, community service and outdoor skills development. This experience was a catalyst for my further exploration of the world and the outdoors, as well as my passion to dedicate my life to experiential education. I currently work in the Gap Year industry and have spent the past few years leading international programs for teens. When I'm not traveling, you can find me hiking, skiing, buried in a good book, cooking, or somewhere exploring on my road bike. I am fueled by adventure and am always up for trying a new activity in the outdoors and being spontaneous. I am absolutely thrilled to be involved in this network of strong, adventurous and phenomenal women who are out exploring mother nature!