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I have been on two Pacha trips, and can’t wait to sign up for more. The trips are well-organized and bring together amazing groups of women who want to have fun in the outdoors. Cat and Rebecca are wonderful leaders and foster a fun, laid-back atmosphere with great yoga, fun activities, and delicious food. I highly recommend any and all Pacha outings!
— Greer

This weekend getaway exceeded my expectations! I feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and appreciative of the great outdoors, as well as the opportunity to bond with incredible, like-minded women. All around great trip- well organized, yummy food, amazing location, and excellent yoga instruction. I look forward to more trips in the future. Thank you Pacha women!
— Maddi

Our Pacha adventure trip to Doublehead cabin was a blast. Rebecca and Cat could not have been any nicer. They have an easy going and supportive presence which was really appreciated. The hike, the cabin, the food, the yoga classes were all perfect and just what I needed. I plan to join Pacha again on more adventures. Thanks Rebecca and Cat for an amazing weekend.
— Anna

Our Pacha Adventure trip to the High Cabin at Mount Cardigan was wonderful. Rebecca and Cat were organized and created a comfortable and fun environment for us all. The food was beautiful - from homemade cookies and muffins to kale salad and brown butter gnocchi for dinner. And the yoga classes were perfect - a more restorative and stretching session after a hard hike and then a nice early morning wake-up (with room for requests!). Can’t wait to go again.
— Lisa

Awesome mission to bring women outside in a supportive, safe and super-fun group! Well organized, delicious local, nutritious food, restorative yoga, what more do you need to get outside in our beautiful region? Will definitely attend more adventures and highly recommend to other adventurous women!
— Julie

Our Pacha adventure to Doublehead cabin was fantastic. Rebecca and Cat do a great job organizing and preparing so we could relax and enjoy. The food, hike, yoga and company were all excellent! I highly recommend the entire experience.
— Maribeth
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