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Trip Design

Pacha Trip Design


The Pacha team always has a certified yoga instructor on every course. We aim to provide a variety of classes and experiences, including vinyasa, restorative, athletic flow. Because our trips are in huts, yurts or camping - our yoga classes get quite creative! We like classes to be as hands-on as possible, giving adjustments, verbal queues and alternative options for those that have injuries, are pregnant or want to take it easy.


Cooking & Backcountry Food

Backcountry Meals & Prep

Food is one of the most important aspects on a Pacha Adventure. We spend time prepping and creating meals that are hearty and fit well with our activities and seasons. All meals are cooked on camp stoves, wood-fired stoves or gas burners. Our trips include post-hike appetizers, healthy breakfast, lunch options as well as family-style dinners. 

Hearty & Healthy

Meals with Pacha are designed with the active woman in mind. Our menu is 100% vegetarian and varies based on the trip type and location. We try to provide well rounded meals that incorporate all food groups. If any member of the Pacha team has an allergy or food restriction we make sure to create a menu that will cater to their needs. 

Family Style

Free from distractions and the constraints of daily schedules, meals with Pacha give us a chance to slow down and enjoy being together. Our menu is constantly evolving, with each dish designed with one goal: to keep us happy and healthy in the outdoors. All meals with Pacha are served family-style. 

As local as possible

To ensure a level of quality, we only buy the best of what’s in season and available from the local area. Occasionally, this leads to items being unavailable, but we prefer to serve only that which is the freshest and best tasting.


Community for Women

Adventures created for women by women! At Pacha we strive to create connections. Pacha trips are a safe space for women to meet other women who share a passion and desire to learn more about the outdoors.


Wilderness & Adventure

Pacha offers a variety of hiking expeditions. We rate our trips with the following course. We are open to beginners on trips and encourage prep before hand. Our team is always happy to walk through best trip options for participants. 

A Rated Hike: 12 or more miles and/or 3500 ft climb
B Rated Hike: 7 to 12 miles and/or 1500-3500 ft climb
C Rated Hike: 3 to 7 miles and/or 500-1500 ft climb

Pacha is excited to start offering winter hut adventures! This is a great option for beginners (or snowshoe aficionados). Most of the trips we go on, you can rent snowshoes for an extra $5-$10.  

Every woman carries their personal equipment. Pacha provides an extensive gear list catered to each trip to help you pack your bags. We also are happy to provide tutorials on how to lighten up your pack for the backcountry! The key is to pack light and pack layers! 

Backcountry Skiing
Join us on a backcountry ski trip! Participants must have personal experience with backcountry skiing and feel confident. You must have your own set-up, skins & extra equipment for any backcountry skiing excursions. 

Supporting women-led businesses & female guides